Our Family Info.

Our family consists of  Joost & Monique, Jordan (8 years), Luke (7 years), Matt (5 years ) and Erin (3 year).

Monique and I, (Joost),immigrated from The Netherlands in 1997 right after we got married. We married on April 1 (which was not a joke) and were milking cows on our first leased milkbarn on May 5th.

In 2003 our first daughter, Jordan was born. In April of the next year the second Smulders named Luke was added to the family. In September of 2006 another baby boy, Matt, was welcomed to the crowd. And finally in April of 2008 they were blessed with a girl, Erin.

Below is a group of some of our favorite family pictures. They are in no particular order, and we will update them as time permits.

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